Living Waters Christian Academy serves the Christian Community of Parkland County and beyond. We maintain a high standard of accountability through careful reporting, rigorous attention to quality, and long range planning.

The Annual Education Results Report and Three Year Plan was prepared under the direction of Living Waters Christian Academy in accordance with the responsibilities specified in the School Act, the Government Accountability Act, the Alberta Education School Authority Plans Policy and the provincial government accounting policies.


The education results are used to the best of our abilities to develop three year education plans to ensure that all students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes and develop the godly character needed to be responsible, caring and contributing members of society.

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Living Waters Christian Academy Whistleblowers policy and procedures 

Living Waters Christian Academy is committed to providing students with the best possible  learning opportunites in a safe and caring enviorment charaterized by behaviour consistant with the school's stated moral and ethical belifs.  PDF format