Awards Night

All students are recognized for their work during the year with a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate contains the following:
  • Character Awards are given to each student in recognition of an area of personal strength.
  • Academic Awards recognize each student’s area of particular academic strength or passion.
  • Bible Memory Award is given to students who complete all their scripture memory work.
  • Honour Roll recognizes achievement for the terms earned. Honour roll is given in grades 7-12. Honor roll is achieved when a student has an overall average of 80% or more, no mark below 70%, a good attitude and effort displayed throughout the year, all scripture memory completed, and no numeric descriptor below 3. A medal is given when a student achieves Honour Roll for all 4 terms.
Barnabas Award (one for the school) recognizes a student from grades 1 – 6 who has consistently demonstrated a spirit of encouragement through out the year.

Principal’s Award (one trophy for grades 7-12) recognizes one student in the school body who in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity is an example to others.

Most Honourable Athlete recognizes one student with involvement in school athletics beyond PE class who demonstrates athletic skill, leadership, and sportsmanship.

Best Performer Award recognizes one student who demonstrates outstanding discipline, dependability, and commitment in the theatre arts in addition to a remarkable performance during the annual theatrical production.

Rising Star Award is a breakout award recognizing remarkable growth in the theatre arts. This student surpasses all expectations in delivering an outstanding performance during the annual theatrical production.