Build a school in Guatemala

Building a sister school in Guatemala

Living Waters Christian Academy’s vision is to be an international training community. Building a sister school is movement forward with our vision. We believe that committing to support Guatemalan students and families in practical ways has the potential to deepen the faith and generosity of our community. We want to connect our families with their families personally. We want our school community to serve in as many ways as possible, and in the process deepen our own understanding of God’s goodness, provision, and compassion for all people.

What does the project look like?

This past September we embarked on a project to provide schooling to a remote community in Guatemala that has hundreds of children without access to a school. Because many of you donated, and we had organizations partner with us, we reached our goal for phase 1.

The Walls of the first three classrooms and washrooms of the Chijulha school.

In March, our grade 11 team worked on the school site alongside the Guatemalan teachers who are being trained to teach in the Chijulha school. They provided a children’s program to several hundred of the children who lived in the area.

Work is on schedule to have three classrooms and washroom facilities ready for use by Jan 2018.


Phase 2 of the project – we are looking for ongoing donations to the project. We have received a Matched Donation grant from St John’s Legacy Foundation for $12,000. We want to raise the matching money to continue the construction of additional classrooms and the operations of the classes.

Once the school opens in Jan 2018 we will be providing opportunities for families to sponsor Guatemalan students to attend the school. You will be able to meet your sponsor child when your grade 11 student goes on the mission trip or if your family participates in our Summer mission trip to Guatemala.

How can you be involved?

DonateATB Cares processes donations and provides an immediate receipt.

So far, in 2017, we have received $1,900 (Jan – March) from those who pledged to this project. Your donations will help us reach our 2017 goal of $24,000.

Sponsor a child to attend the school we are building. Watch for opportunities in 2018. This is a great way to engage your entire family in supporting needy students in Guatemala.

10% of the money raised goes into our endowment fund which supports local needy families to attend Living Waters.