Living Waters is a great place for students to prepare for life. 

Living Waters is rooted in protestant evangelical Christianity. We only accept students whose parents agree with biblical principles and the statement of faith of the school, and support their children being trained in accordance with those principles. All parents are expected to comply with the policies and regulations of the school, the Statement of Faith and the Parents’ Commitment. Students in grade 7 through 12 are expected to complete the Student Questionnaire and show a genuine, personal desire to be educated at Living Waters. A pastoral recommendation is required, as it is a high priority that families are attending a local, evangelical protestant church.

To ensure that harmony exists between what is taught at home and at school, parents will be required to attend an interview conducted by the principal. Students in grade 7-12 will also have an individual interview with the principal. Parents will be informed of the acceptance or decline of their registration after the complete application has been reviewed and the student and parent(s) have had an interview with the principal.

Admission to Living Waters is based on the following:

The family’s desire for Christian Education
The family's alignment with our mission and vision 
The famiy's ongoing participation in an evangelical church community
The student’s academic fit
Available classroom space at LWCA

Call the school (780-962-3331) or email Carrie Bradley cbradley@lwca.ab.ca to book a school tour and find out more information on what Living Waters has to offer for kindergarten to grade 12.

What does the application process look like?

   Inquire – call the school or email Carrie Bradley
   Book a school tour
   Complete application forms
   Interview with the Principal

Additional information regarding application dates and wait lists:

All new applications for enrolment prior to the third Friday in April will receive an early application discount of $250/family. This early application incentive will be given up to January 31st for existing school families who are enrolling another child in the school for the upcoming school year.

Due to the reality of full classes and possible waiting lists for next year’s classes, existing grade 1 – 12 families in our school community are given priority for seats in the classroom until January 31st. After that date, all enrolments and re-enrolments are prioritized based on the date of application.

Current kindergarten students are enrolled for grade one on a first come first served basis until January 31st. At that time, available spaces in the grade one class are opened to new applicants. Successful new applicants prior to that date are put on a waiting list, and will be informed regarding space for their child in the class after January 31st.


Re-enrolment forms are sent home each year to all current families. The forms and the registration fee per family are due back at the school by the last Friday in January in order to secure a spot in the upcoming school year. This gives preference to our current families. If the completed forms and the registration fee are received by the last Friday in January, the fee is applied to the first month’s tuition thereby giving an early registration incentive. Re-enrolment forms received after the last Friday in January will be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis and the registration fee is not applied to tuition.