Student Council 

The Student Representative Council at Living Waters was established to achieve the following goals:
•    To provide a formal structure for training and mentoring student leaders.
•    To provide real life leadership experiences to students.
•    To give students the platform for enriching the lives of the student body through community building activities.

The SRC consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Classroom Representatives from grades 4-12. These leaders are elected from within the student body.

The SRC strengthens the student community at the school by providing fun activities that unite the student body. Over the years the SRC has planned fun dress up days such as crazy hair, pajama day, cowboy day, twin day, etc. The proceeds from these days go to support Living Waters’ sponsor child in Guatemala, thus having a global impact. Further, the SRC plans events such as the annual junior/senior Christmas banquet and after school fun activities for elementary students.